Automate and optimize your waste collection routes with R-Planner

Streamlining dispatch and coordination for local
authorities and sanitation companies


R-Planner is your ultimate solution for automating and optimizing waste collection routes. Designed exclusively for waste management companies and local authorities,

R-Planner is the cutting-edge dispatch application that empowers you to revolutionize your operations.

Main Functionalities
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Say goodbye to manual route planning headaches. R-Planner's advanced technology provides you with real-time visibility of your fleet's locations.

Seamlessly optimize routes on-the-fly, ensuring your waste collection trucks take the most efficient paths and make timely pickups.

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Experience the power of real-time truck tracking. R-Planner equips dispatchers with instant insights into each vehicle's current location.

Whether it's accommodating extra loads or redirecting trucks to new areas, you're in control. Respond swiftly to changing demands and enhance your fleet's flexibility.

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Stay connected like never before. R-Planner facilitates seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers. Update pickup schedules, relay vital information, and track each truck's progress effortlessly.

Your operations become streamlined, error-free, and perfectly synchronized.

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By embracing R-Planner, waste management companies can elevate their operational excellence to new heights. Maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and provide unparalleled services to your valued customers.

It's time to reshape waste collection with innovation and precision.

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Ready to unlock the future of waste collection management? Embrace R-Planner today and experience a new era of automation, optimization, and customer satisfaction. Join the ranks of leading waste management companies and local authorities who are already reaping the rewards.

Automate. Optimize. Excel. Choose R-Planner.

R-Planner white label

The application is sold as a white label solution and can be customized for each locality.
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Simplify daily routines and activities for both dispatchers and drivers
R-Planner simplifies the daily routines of dispatchers by
streamlining their workflow and providing real-time visibility of
truck locations.

With R-Planner, dispatchers can optimize routes, communicate with drivers, and track the progress of each truck, all from one centralized platform. This helps to reduce manual processes and minimize the risk of errors, resulting in increased operational efficiency and better service for customers. R-Planner also simplifies the daily activities of drivers by providing clarity on their schedules and routes.

Drivers can view their pickup locations, schedules, and receive real-time updates from dispatchers, making their daily routines more efficient and organized. This helps to reduce confusion and improve communication, resulting in better performance and a smoother waste collection process for the waste management company.

Streamline daily operations for
dispatchers and drivers with R-Planner

Discover the power of simplification with R-Planner, the ultimate solution that transforms daily routines and activities for both dispatchers and drivers. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency.

For dispatchers

R-Planner redefines dispatcher workflows, providing an intuitive, all-in-one platform. Experience real-time visibility of truck locations, empowering dispatchers to optimize routes, communicate seamlessly with drivers, and effortlessly track each truck's progress. No more juggling multiple systems or manual processes.

R-Planner simplifies every step, reducing errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Serve customers better and exceed expectations with streamlined operations.

For drivers

Empower your drivers with clarity and confidence. R-Planner simplifies their daily activities by offering crystal-clear schedules and routes. Drivers access pickup locations, schedules, and real-time updates, all in one place. No more guesswork or confusion.

With R-Planner, drivers experience smoother, more organized routines, leading to enhanced communication and improved performance. Waste collection has never been this seamless.

Elevate your waste collection experience:

Join the revolution of simplification. R-Planner transforms dispatchers into orchestrators of efficiency and drivers into masters of precision. Elevate waste management operations to new heights by embracing the simplicity, power, and innovation of R-Planner.

Why choose R-Planner?
Cut fuel costs
by 12%

Optimize routes, reduce miles, streamline payments. Boost labor efficiency: automate tasks, reduce work hours.

Extended equipment
life by 20%

Reducing wear and tear on vehicles and other equipment through more efficient routes and processes

Reduce landfill costs
by 22%

Improving recycling rates, companies can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, leading to lower landfill costs

Reduce customer service
costs up to 15%

Improving communication with customers and resolving issues more efficiently, companies can reduce the number of customer service calls, leading to lower customer service costs, improve customer satisfaction by digital proof of picking

Reduce overtime costs
by 30%

Scheduling work efficiently, waste collectors can reduce the need for overtime pay, leading to lower overtime costs

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  • 01 Offline mode
  • 02 Proof of picking
  • 03 Real-time communication with dispatchers
  • 04 Optimized routes
  • 05 Real- time re-routing
  • 06 Daily collection schedule
  • 07 Tap to collect
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  • 01 Routes automation
  • 02 Real-time route changes / Adding new point collection in real time
  • 03 Drivers management
  • 04 Customer management
  • 05Orders management (the driver is informed about customer’s requests)
  • 06 Truck fleet management
  • 07 Drivers notification (make the collection from a new point)
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  • 01 Real-time reporting of collections by operators
  • 02 Collections made
  • 03 Volumetric quantities collected
  • 04 Field history